Corporate Restructuring and Working Capital Management
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Igor Zaks to present at WOA e-roundtable “2019 Trends and Challenges in SCF”

Saturday Nov 16, 2019

Igor Zaks (Zax), CFA, President and CEO of TenzorAI, and Tenzor Ltd. will be presenting at World of Open Account Learning Lab e-round table e-roundtable “2019 Trends and Challenges in SCF”.

Supply Chain Finance is defined as the use of financing and risk mitigation practices and techniques to optimise the management of the working capital and liquidity invested in supply chain processes and transactions. In practice, SCF is generally used to describe buyer-led receivables finance structures (also known as reverse factoring). This WOA Learning Lab compares and contrasts buyer-led receivables finance with traditional seller-centric receivables finance; it aims to contribute to the successful development of this financing technique.

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