Corporate Restructuring and Working Capital Management
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Igor Zax to present at Investing in Distressed Debt Conference by IIR

Friday Jul 12, 2013

Igor Zax, Managing Director of Tenzor ltd., is going to present at IIR 10-th Annual Investing in Distressed Debt Conference to be held in London 25-26 September 2013. He will be co-hosting the panel “European Overview: Which Regions will provide the best Opportunities” with Michael Kolbeck from Lone Star and Xavier Lepine from Parceva Capital.

Professor Paolo Volpin from LBS comments on Igor Zax guest lectures on Distressed M&A

Friday May 7, 2010

“Igor Zax is a regular speaker in my course on Mergers and Other Corporate Reorganisations at the London Business School. Through years of experience on corporate restructuring, Igor has developed a deep understanding of how to turn around businesses. Igor’s approach is truly holistic combining multidisciplinary insights from economics, finance, strategy and operation management. With these skills and experience, Igor is a valuable asset in dealing with any turn-around situations as the complexity of these situations benefits from a multidisciplinary approach: financial restructuring needs always to be combined with creative and sound operational decisions. Paolo Volpin (Associate Professor of Finance, London Business School.”

posted with kind permission from professor Paolo Volpin

Working Capital – Seeing a Broader Picture – by Igor Zax

Wednesday Sep 9, 2009

Working Capital – Seeing a Broader Picture The article by Igor Zax, adresses working capital management within changing economic and industry environment, its links to business strategy, supply chain, distribution and industry models.

Published in Global Treasury Briefing and GT News – publications of AFP (Association of Financial Professionals). Reprinted with permission.

Igor Zax will be presenting at Corporate Financial Restructuring in Russia & CIS

Sunday Aug 9, 2009

Igor Zax, founder and MD Tenzor Ltd., will be presenting at a major conference, Corporate Financial Restructuring in Russia & CIS, 1-2 December 2009, organised by C5.

Current outline of the topics for the presentation:

Corporate Turnaround- looking beyond just banks and the creditor.

-Company’s “ecosystem” – how does supply chain affect company’s chances of recovery.  Working capital problems, role of suppliers, distribution, credit insurers and asset backed lenders-their interests and possible actions.

-Changing the model- what can turnaround manager do and what support he/she needs to seek? How can creditors help turnaround manager to help them?

-Investor’s view- where is the exit?

Igor Zax published an article:Taking a holistic approach to working capital

Friday Jun 26, 2009

Taking a holistic approach to working capital- Pilot’s Log

The article analyses strategic approach to working capital, conceptual framework (outsourcing of financing), financing tools, redesigning supply chain, changing product mix and adjusting business model. It also addresses implications for private equity owned businesses

Reprinted with permission

Igor Zax featured in PE News roundtable “Restructuring the survivors as the economy melts”

Monday May 25, 2009


Roundtable moderated by Private Equity News editor James Mawson on corporate restructuring, covering current state and issues in distressed PE investments.


Dell Huse, Endless

Richard Jones, Punter Southall

Paul Dacuss, Sun European Partners

Michael Langon, Ruthland Partners

Igor Zax, Tenzor Ltd

Reprinted with Permission from Private Equity News

Presentation on Socialising Working Capital

Thursday Apr 9, 2009

Presentation by Igor Zax, currently MD of Tenzor Ltd.  Socialising Working Capital Trends and New Models at Midmarket Turnaround- joint event organised by  Chicago Booth, TMA and IIM, November 2008

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Interview with GARP Risk Review about Receivables Financing

Thursday Apr 9, 2009

Download Interview with GARP Risk Review

Interview by Igor Zax, currently MD of Tenzor Ltd. with GARP Global Risk review on the credit risk and operational risk challenges posed by trade receivables, the loss of trust in the asset-backed commercial paper market and the pros and cons of credit insurance