Corporate Restructuring and Working Capital Management
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Designing a Corporate Credit Policy- by igor Zax in GT News

Friday Feb 24, 2012

Igor Zax, managing director of Tenzor Ltd, published a new article, Designing a Corporate Credit Policy in GT News (major treasury publication by AFP).

The article discussed effects of granting credit to customers, credit origination process,credit risk management, dilutions/late payments and their effects, concentrated A/R, effect of A/R policy on return on capital.

Reprinted with permission.

Trade Credit Insurance: Best Practice and Lessons from the Crisis

Tuesday Aug 17, 2010

Trade Credit Insurance- Best Practice and Lessons from the Crisis This new article by Igor Zax  covers reasons for use of credit insurance, it’s role in transferring risk, outsourcing credit process and building financing solutions, advantages and pitfalls of using credit insurance, and the effects of the financial crisis for corporate use of credit insurance.

Published in GT News – publication of AFP (Association of Financial Professionals). Reprinted with permission.